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I’ve had a Makr wallet for about a year now and it’s one of my favorite things I own. Made by hand in limited quantities, Makr crafts uniquely high quality leather goods and bags. Although quality doesn’t come cheap, this iPad case is one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen!

Photos courtesy of Makr


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I’ve seen a lot of amber glass apothecary jars and bottles lately in stores, on blogs, and most recently as a centerpiece on our neighbors’ dining room table. Restoration Hardware even sells a set of amber glass pharmacy bottles for bathroom storage. Our neighbors’ dining table vases, however, started as Brew Dr. brand kombucha bottles. To no surprise, Brew Dr. is actually a Portland, OR based company!

Photo courtesy of (my awesome neighbor) Kevin Ward

 Ever since I found out about this kombucha I’ve been drinking and saving the bottles for my collection. Not sure what exactly I’m going to do with them yet, but some ideas I had besides just as vases were hand or dish soap dispensers, oil & vinegar bottles, or room scent diffusers. I suppose I could just go buy some bottles instead, but the kombucha is delicious (and supposedly healthy?) and it’s kind of fun to clean them up and re-use them. Go to Brew Dr. Kombucha’s website to see where it is sold near you.

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During our trip to Spokane over Labor Day weekend we visited a few antique stores to see what we could find. We weren’t looking for anything in particular, but without much else to do besides eating, drinking, visiting family, and then eating some more, antique store browsing seemed like something fun. The strip of antique stores we visited were on Main Street in an area that had recently been “revitalized” with old-fashioned street lamps and improved sidewalks. Although it appeared to be desolate, this small street outside of downtown Spokane had several antique stores housed in old buildings that gave the appearance of a pioneer western town. We left Main Street with nothing more than a vintage Stanley thermos (similar to one a reader sent in earlier) but had a lot of fun looking through the treasures of times past.

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve been in any sort of regular school routine. However, this coming week, I’ll be hitting the books again in pursuit of an MBA degree. Graduate school at night on top of working full-time, moving, setting up the Dundee General Store, and trying to maintain some sort of social life, will significantly decrease my available free time. In the end, I think it will all be worth it. Plus, I tend to succeed more under pressure and stress. It’s sick, I know…

Whether you’re a parent sending your kid(s) back to school, or if you, like me, are going back to school yourself, here’s a roundup of some educational essentials for Fall semester.

Take lecture notes in a Moleskine notebook from Powell’s Books

Protect your laptop with an iWooly for MacBook Pro from The Good Flock

Brighten up your desk with multi-colored three-ring binders from Russel+Hazel

Control your clutter with storage baskets from Restoration Hardware

Carry those heavy textbooks in this tote bag from Filson

For late study nights, a Bodum travel French Press mug from Sur la Table

Something I could have used in yesterday’s freak downpour, Hunter Boots from Zappos.com

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One of my favorite weekend activities are visiting our local farmers market. We are lucky here in Oregon to have thriving and vibrant farmers markets in nearly every neighborhood and town. The Portland Farmers Market organization alone has six markets across the city and there are several more (Irvington, St. Johns, Beaverton, Hillsdale, Hollywood, etc.) through separate organizations.

An essential for any regular to the farmers market is a good market basket or bag. While most use their cloth grocery store bags, sometimes there’s so much available produce that one or two isn’t enough! Something I am seeing more and more of at the markets we frequent are French style woven market baskets.

Not only are these baskets stylish, they’re also very practical and eco-friendly. Large enough for your market trips, these palm leaf woven baskets also double as a beach bag, picnic basket, or log carrier.

You can find these and other woven baskets online at Jeanne Beatrice. Visit one of the many Portland Farmers Markets or find a farmers market near you to support your local farmers and enjoy amazing seasonal produce, flowers, and hand-made goods.

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We’re getting ready to make some of our first orders for the online store and need your opinion! See our poll below and vote for which style you’d like to see in the store.

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I’ve been following tweets from the New York International Gift Fair all weekend. Since I can’t be there in person this year, Twitter has been a great way to see what is featured at the show. One of the most beautiful products I’ve discovered via #NYIGF tweets are these candelabras making their debut at NYIGF by Dunes and Duchess. A perfect combination of old-world and modern, the turned wood candelabras are painted in high gloss black, white, or pale blue. Available in 4-arm and 2-arm variations as well as a new lamp version, I can’t wait to place my first order!

Photos courtesy of Dunes and Duchess

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