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One of my favorite weekend activities are visiting our local farmers market. We are lucky here in Oregon to have thriving and vibrant farmers markets in nearly every neighborhood and town. The Portland Farmers Market organization alone has six markets across the city and there are several more (Irvington, St. Johns, Beaverton, Hillsdale, Hollywood, etc.) through separate organizations.

An essential for any regular to the farmers market is a good market basket or bag. While most use their cloth grocery store bags, sometimes there’s so much available produce that one or two isn’t enough! Something I am seeing more and more of at the markets we frequent are French style woven market baskets.

Not only are these baskets stylish, they’re also very practical and eco-friendly. Large enough for your market trips, these palm leaf woven baskets also double as a beach bag, picnic basket, or log carrier.

You can find these and other woven baskets online at Jeanne Beatrice. Visit one of the many Portland Farmers Markets or find a farmers market near you to support your local farmers and enjoy amazing seasonal produce, flowers, and hand-made goods.


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In 1897, C. C. Filson began outfitting adventurers in Seattle on their way north during the Klondike Gold Rush. A quote on Filson’s website from the 1914 catalogue says it best:

“TO OUR CUSTOMERS: if a man is going North, he should come to us for his outfit, because we have obtained our ideas of what is best to wear in that country from the experience of the man from the North — not merely one — but hundreds of them. Our materials are the very best obtainable, for we know that the best is none too good and that quality is of vital importance. YOU CAN DEPEND ABSOLUTELY UPON OUR GOODS BOTH AS TO MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP.”

Over 100 years later, Filson, still based in Seattle near the original store, is producing the same high quality outdoor clothing and accessories. Although Filson carries everything from jackets and shoes to shotgun cases and dog leashes, my personal obsession is their line of rugged cotton luggage and bags.

I use the computer bag and tote bag above almost daily for the past several years. Daily wear and tear on the cotton twill fabric and leather only gives the bag more of a patina and softness as it ages. The larger luggage pieces are built to withstand both the airline baggage system and a weekend trip in the wilderness.

Now, I’ve already revealed my love of plaid (here) so of course I got excited when I found my two loves combined into one… Filson’s line of plaid wool bags!

As you can see, if I didn’t avoid the Filson store in Portland like the plague, I’d end up being a poor crazy bag man. But it’d be pretty fabulous wouldn’t it? You can see Filson’s full line of luggage and clothing on their website.

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