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One of my favorite weekend activities are visiting our local farmers market. We are lucky here in Oregon to have thriving and vibrant farmers markets in nearly every neighborhood and town. The Portland Farmers Market organization alone has six markets across the city and there are several more (Irvington, St. Johns, Beaverton, Hillsdale, Hollywood, etc.) through separate organizations.

An essential for any regular to the farmers market is a good market basket or bag. While most use their cloth grocery store bags, sometimes there’s so much available produce that one or two isn’t enough! Something I am seeing more and more of at the markets we frequent are French style woven market baskets.

Not only are these baskets stylish, they’re also very practical and eco-friendly. Large enough for your market trips, these palm leaf woven baskets also double as a beach bag, picnic basket, or log carrier.

You can find these and other woven baskets online at Jeanne Beatrice. Visit one of the many Portland Farmers Markets or find a farmers market near you to support your local farmers and enjoy amazing seasonal produce, flowers, and hand-made goods.


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We’re getting ready to make some of our first orders for the online store and need your opinion! See our poll below and vote for which style you’d like to see in the store.

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Summertime Lawn Games

Our impromptu game of bocce ball last night got me thinking of other outdoor summertime games. I remember the old wooden croquet set my grandparents had with one mallet that always had to have the end screwed back on. As kids, we never learned the true rules of croquet, but as an adult, I find myself interested in learning the traditions of these classic games. Here’s a roundup of sets for bocce, croquet, and a few other games you can enjoy while the weather is warm and the cocktails are flowing!

Petanque set from Jaques of London. Petanque is the French version of Bocce played with slightly smaller metal “boules” but similar rules

Professional Bocce set from Perfetta in Italy, also sold at Design Within Reach

Badminton set from Jaques of London, a company that has been producing badminton sets for over 100 years!

A true American past-time, this horse shoe set is available at Restoration Hardware

Finally, one of the most well crafted (and most expensive) croquet sets by Jaques of London whose founder John Jaques the II invented the game in 1851

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Although my goal is to focus on as many local products on this blog as possible, some classics from afar are hard to ignore. The Hunter wellington boots, or “wellies” as they’re called across the pond, are quickly becoming a fashion statement in many cities around the world. However, these British born rubber boots, many styles of which still follow the over 100 year old design, match both fashion with function. These lined boots, still made in the UK, were once used by soldiers in WWI and WWII for the harsh conditions in the trenches. Even if you’re not mucking out horse stalls or working in a muddy field, Hunter boots are great for wet urban streets in the winter and fall (those of you in Portland, OR know the wet weather I’m talking about). The traditional green or black wellies are still in production in both tall, short, and laced versions, and now also come in a rainbow of other colors.

See all the available styles of Hunter boots at http://usa.hunter-boot.com/

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