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During our trip to Spokane over Labor Day weekend we visited a few antique stores to see what we could find. We weren’t looking for anything in particular, but without much else to do besides eating, drinking, visiting family, and then eating some more, antique store browsing seemed like something fun. The strip of antique stores we visited were on Main Street in an area that had recently been “revitalized” with old-fashioned street lamps and improved sidewalks. Although it appeared to be desolate, this small street outside of downtown Spokane had several antique stores housed in old buildings that gave the appearance of a pioneer western town. We left Main Street with nothing more than a vintage Stanley thermos (similar to one a reader sent in earlier) but had a lot of fun looking through the treasures of times past.

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I’ve been following tweets from the New York International Gift Fair all weekend. Since I can’t be there in person this year, Twitter has been a great way to see what is featured at the show. One of the most beautiful products I’ve discovered via #NYIGF tweets are these candelabras making their debut at NYIGF by Dunes and Duchess. A perfect combination of old-world and modern, the turned wood candelabras are painted in high gloss black, white, or pale blue. Available in 4-arm and 2-arm variations as well as a new lamp version, I can’t wait to place my first order!

Photos courtesy of Dunes and Duchess

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We’ve already featured some Fog Linen’s wire baskets in our post below, but this time I thought I’d share more of their linen products. The warm yet rough nature of linen fabric, however its use, inherently has a casual appearance that welcomes the user to feel its softness on their skin. The perfect blend of country and modern style, Fog Linen embraces and enhances the natural beauty of this fabric with its solid, plaid, and checkered prints.

Fog Linen’s line of products include not only the obvious napkins, kitchen towels, and tablecloths, they also produce bath towels, serving trays, bedding, and even house slippers.

Tell us what styles, prints, and colors you like most so we can make sure to have it in stock when the online store launches!

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When the Dundee General Store launches its online shop this fall, we will carry both Fog Linen… linens… and also their line of wire baskets in different sizes and shapes. Perfect for all types of household organization, picking fresh produce in the garden, serving bread at the dinner table, and an endless list of other uses. Fog Linen’s baskets match their versatility and utility with style. From curvy and seductive to boxy and clean, we’ll have a wide variety for you to chose from!

Which one is your favorite?

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I’m very excited that many of you have inquired about purchasing Cornishware through the Dundee General Store. Although our online store is not yet ready, I spoke with the US distributor for Cornishware today and am proud to announce that the Dundee General Store online will be one of the first to carry their kitchen and table ware in North America! First shipment will be into the store as early as October and will be available online as soon as we receive them. Just in time to impress your holiday dinner party guests or for a special Christmas gift!

Follow us on Twitter @dundeegeneral to stay up to date on Cornishware and other products that will soon be available through the Dundee General Store.

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Almost anyone you ask has at one time or another used a Stanley thermos. While camping, on a road trip, or, as my neighbor and I did today, playing bocce ball in a park, the Stanley vacuum insulated thermos is a versatile, durable, and timeless product that has been passed down through generations. Perfect for both drinks and food, this almost 100 year old company founded by William Stanley Jr. now produces a wide range of mugs and storage containers. However, the original stainless steel and green plastic thermos will always be a part of American culture that reminds us of cool nights around a campfire drinking hot chocolate with family and friends. You can find Stanley products on their website http://stanley-pmi.com/, and hopefully soon at the Dundee General Store online!

Classic Vacuum Bottle w/ Handle

Classic Vacuum Bottle w/o Handle

Classic Vacuum Food Jar

Classic Flask

On a side note, I’d like to say I did pretty well playing bocce ball for the first time! Kevin, next time less wine from the Stanley Thermos and more concentration on the game 😉

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Cornish Kitchen Ware by T.G. Green & Co. began production in 1926 in Derbyshire, UK. The signature blue & white bands of Cornishware’s tableware and containers originated from the lathe-turning production process which cut bands into the blue color revealing the white clay beneath. This reminded the early T.G. Green & Co. employees of the blue and white ocean waves in Cornwall, where the name originates.

Cornishware gained popularity in the UK throughout the early 1900’s and was updated in the 1960’s to include new colors. Original Cornishware pieces are now highly sought after by collectors and are fetching high prices on eBay and other auctions sites across the UK and beyond.

Facing competition from other kitchen and table ware manufacturers, the company closed in 2007. However, recently the brand is being revived by a new team, full of designers who were lifelong Cornishware fans and could not see the classic brand disappear. Once again Cornishware is being produced with the same care and quality as the original and is available for purchase through their website and many stores throughout the UK, Ireland, Germany, and Netherlands. Although I have not seen if Cornishware is being distributed in the US, I hope to find a contact soon!

Here are some of the other colors in which Cornishware is now available:

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