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I’m addicted to the iPhone photography app Hipstamatic that imitates the old grainy faded photos once produced by Kodak’s Instamatic cameras. No matter the price of gas, family road trip’s have a permanent place in American nostalgia. So, on our Labor Day Weekend road trip to Spokane, WA, I tried to capture some of the magic of a scenic road trip in my Hipstamatic photos. Of course there are some pictures of the abundant natural beauty, but some of my favorite pictures are of the dry, rusty, gritty-ness we found as well.

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Here’s a map of our route from Portland, through the Columbia River Gorge, and up to Spokane. On the way home we took the same route but stayed on the Washington side of the Gorge which is a smaller two lane road but in my opinion a much more scenic drive. We stopped at the Maryhill┬áMuseum and the picturesque town of Stevenson, WA, and were surprised at the vineyards that dotted the mostly barren landscape.


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