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I’ve seen a lot of amber glass apothecary jars and bottles lately in stores, on blogs, and most recently as a centerpiece on our neighbors’ dining room table. Restoration Hardware even sells a set of amber glass pharmacy bottles for bathroom storage. Our neighbors’ dining table vases, however, started as Brew Dr. brand kombucha bottles. To no surprise, Brew Dr. is actually a Portland, OR based company!

Photo courtesy of (my awesome neighbor) Kevin Ward

¬†Ever since I found out about this kombucha¬†I’ve been drinking and saving the bottles for my collection. Not sure what exactly I’m going to do with them yet, but some ideas I had besides just as vases were hand or dish soap dispensers, oil & vinegar bottles, or room scent diffusers. I suppose I could just go buy some bottles instead, but the kombucha is delicious (and supposedly healthy?) and it’s kind of fun to clean them up and re-use them. Go to Brew Dr. Kombucha’s website to see where it is sold near you.


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