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It’s Fall here in Oregon and wine country is buzzing with harvest energy! As the new crop of grapes enjoy their last days soaking up the sun, we’re busy getting ready to launch the Dundee General Store website.

Photo of Stoller Vineyards courtesy of Janis Miglavs

We’ve already received some beautiful woven market baskets and table linens, but are anxiously awaiting other products. Unfortunately, the blue & white Cornishware dishes, bowls, and coffee mugs will be the last to arrive in early November. However, we plan to have the store website up and (if I can get it figured out) our archived blog posts transferred over in the next two weeks!

Thanks so much to all of our readers for the enthusiastic messages you’ve sent on here, Facebook, and Twitter. We are excited to embark on this new journey and look forward to sharing beautiful, timeless products for your modern country home.


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Cornish Kitchen Ware by T.G. Green & Co. began production in 1926 in Derbyshire, UK. The signature blue & white bands of Cornishware’s tableware and containers originated from the lathe-turning production process which cut bands into the blue color revealing the white clay beneath. This reminded the early T.G. Green & Co. employees of the blue and white ocean waves in Cornwall, where the name originates.

Cornishware gained popularity in the UK throughout the early 1900’s and was updated in the 1960’s to include new colors. Original Cornishware pieces are now highly sought after by collectors and are fetching high prices on eBay and other auctions sites across the UK and beyond.

Facing competition from other kitchen and table ware manufacturers, the company closed in 2007. However, recently the brand is being revived by a new team, full of designers who were lifelong Cornishware fans and could not see the classic brand disappear. Once again Cornishware is being produced with the same care and quality as the original and is available for purchase through their website and many stores throughout the UK, Ireland, Germany, and Netherlands. Although I have not seen if Cornishware is being distributed in the US, I hope to find a contact soon!

Here are some of the other colors in which Cornishware is now available:

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