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I’ve had a Makr wallet for about a year now and it’s one of my favorite things I own. Made by hand in limited quantities, Makr crafts uniquely high quality leather goods and bags. Although quality doesn’t come cheap, this iPad case is one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen!

Photos courtesy of Makr


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Even country folk these days need technology. Some farmers now tweet and blog about their harvest to connect with markets and customers in their town and beyond. But that doesn’t mean that their iPhones and laptops need to be kept by the same mundane black zippered and velcro-ed cases.

The iWooly case, made with environmentally conscious processes from Oregon native Pendelton wool, are an alternative to the mundane corporate-looking cases found at a computer store. Protecting your precious equipment from day-to-day scratches and dirt, the iWooly is available for iPad, iPhone, MacBook, and Blackberry, as well as sizes for passport and pencil cases. Not only do these woolen envelopes come in dapper colors and plaids, they’re also hand crafted with wholesome and sustainably harvested materials.

You can find iWooly products at The Good Flock online.

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