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Next week marks the end of two years that Chris and I have lived on the 19th floor of the Ardea tower in the South Waterfront district of downtown Portland. It also marks two years that we have lived together! We’ve both survived so far so that must be a good sign right? Although we have enjoyed our river and downtown views, the access to public transit, concierge service, and friendly neighbors, both of us are excited to come back down to earth and into a house. Gone will be the floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic views, but those will be replaced with a porch swing and a small back yard to grow our own vegetables. Join us in saying goodbye to the high-life as we reflect on our home in the sky. Although our next home in the Irvington neighborhood of NE Portland is still not the rolling hills of Dundee, it’s at least one step closer!

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As I start my work week in a trendy converted warehouse office and sit down at my dual-screen computer, this is the usual morning greeting I see waiting for me in my inbox from a colleague on the other side of the world in India. Somehow the years of British colonization and translation from Hindi to English makes this an awkwardly formal yet endearing title for an email. The background on my desktop is a beautiful grassy vista of rolling hills and trees. This and the few potted indoor plants on my desk will most likely be my only connection to nature until next weekend. Most days, no matter how sunny, appear to be grey and rainy through my 2nd floor office windows with a view to the loading dock across the street. Add in the seemingly never-ending blast of cold from the air conditioner above and even on a 90 degree day I’m wearing my winter jacket!

Long weeks in this office, commuting from my high-rise apartment with hundreds of others on a smelly streetcar, make the weekends I spend in Dundee wine country seem like heaven. The rolling hills of pinot noir grape vines ripe with fruit seem to cascade like a roller-coaster into forever. Here in this paradise of Oregon countryside, it’s easy to forget the stresses of my work week, breathe in the crisp clean air, and sit down to enjoy a conversation with friends.

Dressed in gingham plaid with a glass of Oregon’s most delicious wine, I’m here to share with you the tools and products essential to a simple, stylish country lifestyle. Like a General Store in a small town, this is the place to find suggestions for anything and everything you need including clothing, dishes, art, furniture, plants, and of course food & wine! Together we can let go of our city life stresses and depart to a viticultural paradise just a few miles away!

Stay tuned for my first official post on an essential to any gardener or farmer in the country, the classic Hunter wellington boots.

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