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It’s been quite a while since I’ve been in any sort of regular school routine. However, this coming week, I’ll be hitting the books again in pursuit of an MBA degree. Graduate school at night on top of working full-time, moving, setting up the Dundee General Store, and trying to maintain some sort of social life, will significantly decrease my available free time. In the end, I think it will all be worth it. Plus, I tend to succeed more under pressure and stress. It’s sick, I know…

Whether you’re a parent sending your kid(s) back to school, or if you, like me, are going back to school yourself, here’s a roundup of some educational essentials for Fall semester.

Take lecture notes in a Moleskine notebook from Powell’s Books

Protect your laptop with an iWooly for MacBook Pro from The Good Flock

Brighten up your desk with multi-colored three-ring binders from Russel+Hazel

Control your clutter with storage baskets from Restoration Hardware

Carry those heavy textbooks in this tote bag from Filson

For late study nights, a Bodum travel French Press mug from Sur la Table

Something I could have used in yesterday’s freak downpour, Hunter Boots from Zappos.com


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Although my goal is to focus on as many local products on this blog as possible, some classics from afar are hard to ignore. The Hunter wellington boots, or “wellies” as they’re called across the pond, are quickly becoming a fashion statement in many cities around the world. However, these British born rubber boots, many styles of which still follow the over 100 year old design, match both fashion with function. These lined boots, still made in the UK, were once used by soldiers in WWI and WWII for the harsh conditions in the trenches. Even if you’re not mucking out horse stalls or working in a muddy field, Hunter boots are great for wet urban streets in the winter and fall (those of you in Portland, OR know the wet weather I’m talking about). The traditional green or black wellies are still in production in both tall, short, and laced versions, and now also come in a rainbow of other colors.

See all the available styles of Hunter boots at http://usa.hunter-boot.com/

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